Average profit 19 points per month

 no bookmaker issues

Welcome to CBWinbot – an automated horse race betting service that will make your life very simple. No need to be around when the race takes place as once you have set the bot running for the day the rest will be done for you including the loading of the selections.

Because there are variables at any time up to the start of a race that can determine qualification we needed a bot that can offer a reliable option for subscribers. After exhaustive research we settled on The Bet Engine which is a long established software with an excellent reputation running on Windows based pc’s.

We are conscious that successful bettors run the very real risk of having their bookmaker accounts restricted and so decided to concentrate on a service that only uses Betfair for placing selections.

The service offers win betting selections on UK racing with usually 1 selection per qualifying race. It is, however, possible that more than 1 selection will arise in a single race. The system has been tested for over a year and has a strike rate of almost 39% producing a profit of 288 points at level stakes from 1036 bets at an ROI in excess of 25%. A summary of the results is shown below and the full results can be downloaded here: CBWINBOTResults

The performance is constantly analysed and the image below shows the latest output from The Staking Machine software (as at mid July 2017). It will be seen that the strike rate is almost 10% above the required level and the selections show an edge of 31.5%. The longest losing run is 11 bets. The graph shows a comparison between level stakes, 1% progressive staking and a bespoke plan which subscribers may set personally using the options on The Bet Engine – an initial 100 point bank is recommended for subscribers using level or progressive staking.

How do I subscribe to CBWinbot?

The monthly subscription for CBWinbot is £34.95  – an early bird discount is currently available to the first 20 subscribers who will pay £25.95  for the life of their subscription and for the next 30 takers the price will be £29.95. Once these initial places are taken the full price will become payable.

We offer a 14 day free trial to allow potential subscribers an opportunity to see the service working in practice. When completing the sign up process you will be directed to The Bet Engine to subscribe to the bot – a 7 day trial of the bot is available – and we also provide detailed instructions for setting up the bot to your personal requirements. Ongoing support is provided to all subscribers.

When you have completed the sign up process through Paypal please allow up to 12 hours for receipt of your welcome email which will include detailed instructions for setting up your bot.

The authors can not be held responsible for any losses incurred from the use of information contained in site. Past results are not a guarantee of future results. Only bet with funds that you can afford to lose.