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Welcome to CBbots – our mission is to offer automated betting bots that will make your life very simple. No need to be around when the race takes place as once you have set the bot for the day the rest will be done for you.

For many years the author has had a deep interest in horse racing and after experimenting with many systems decided that it was best to rely on self developed selection processes. Some 5 years and many false dawns later a successful win system has been developed and a winning bet lay system is nearing maturity. Despite being successful these systems require close attention to the live betting situation daily and thus their appeal would be limited. So automation was the answer and we have teamed up initially with  The Bet Engine (a market leading bot by Bet Dynamics) which enables us to offer practical solutions for all to take advantage of with our services.

The first service is a win betting option – CBwinbot – which is profitable at level stakes over a long period. It thus has the flexibility of being able to use staking plans that suit the individual user’s risk profile.

CB bots allow a set and forget operation, staking plan selection to suit your preference and are offered with a variety of attractive subscription options which reflect the need for users to also subscribe to the bot program. Just check out the results and other details on the separate pages.

It is anticipated that a lay betting system will be available in the later part of 2017 .

If you would like further information or have any other questions please get in touch using the contact form below

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